Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kiev Ukraine Round Two Day Six

James is the author for today's post.

It is challenging to find things to write about today. We have received no new information and are still waiting.

So, today we relaxed. We found some Studio C episodes on YouTube and Mary found an old movie of "Great Expectations" to watch. We had a good chat with our sons before they headed off to their second day of school. Yesterday, each of them had positive experiences on the first day back in school and seem excited for the year before them.

After chatting with our boys, we took a little walk and found a nice little Ukrainian restaurant for dinner. A nice way to balance our trip to McDonalds yesterday. We enjoyed Vareniki, Durini, and Chicken Kiev. We had the restaurant pretty much to ourselves so it was a nice chance to be out and talk with each other.

So, the wait continues. It is amazing how patient you think you are until faced with an opportunity to exercise it.

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