Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kiev Ukraine Round Two Day Seven: We tried out the Metro.

Mary is posting today.

Still no news on our 2nd SDA appointment. Hopefully we'll here something soon. To get out of the hotel today, we decided to give the Kiev Metro a try. We decided to take it to a large open market to do some shopping. The closest metro station to us is up a decent sized hill. We walked there and went inside the station and got in line to buy tokens to ride. The tokens were 2 Hrivnya a piece, so for about 15 cents a person we were able to ride the metro! We put in our tokens at the turn style and then rode a fast moving escalator down a very steep decline. It was a long ways down. We got off and walked a little ways and then got on another escalator and did the same thing. I swear we were going to hit the earth's core! I was getting a little nervous, so James reminded me that the Metro Station was at the top of a hill so of course we would need to travel that far down. We went to our platform and got on a metro and it was pretty crowded so we had to stand. It was really loud in the car because a lot of the windows were open. We got off at our stop and switched lines and got on and then off again at our next stop. The way out of this station had just a couple of flights of stairs to reach street level. Once out of the Metro Station we started shopping in the open market. We found several DVD's to watch on our computer. James was also able to hunt down Russian language versions of the first two books in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Shopping in Ukraine is very different from shopping in the States. I think Target will blow our Ukrainian kid's minds!

James on the Metro Platform

The Metro coming up to our platform. I love the Blue and Yellow! It is all over the city!

Me smiling going up the Escalator knowing that we will be out of the center of the earth soon!

 While typing this, our facilitator called and said she might have a few leads for files of children she wants us to see at an appointment next week. She is still trying to get us in for our 2nd SDA appointment on Monday or Tuesday next week.

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