Monday, September 8, 2014

Kiev Ukrain Round Two Day Eleven: Finally, Good News!

Mary is posting today.

This morning we received great news! Tomorrow we will have our Second SDA Appointment! We are thrilled to see more children's files and to finally move forward again! With hopefully leaving Kiev in the next few days, we decided to squeeze in a few more sights. We visited the Golden Gate, which is now a monument, but was originally built in 1037 as a ceremonial entrance into Kiev. In the 1980's it was renovated, but some of the original structure still stands today. We also visited St. Sophia's Cathedral as well. Both are beautiful places and worth the visit!
The Golden Gate (on the top of the structure there is a church that is capped with a golden dome)

 James in front of the Golden Gate
Mary in front of St. Sophia's Cathedral. Ukraine is famous for their painted eggs.
The Bell Tower at St. Sophia's Cathedral.
We are really looking forward to tomorrow! 


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