Friday, September 5, 2014

Kiev Ukraine Round Two Day Eight: Return to Maidan

James is at the keyboard for today's post.

No additional news on the adoption process. We are still hoping for an appointment with the SDA early next week. It will be nice to get this process moving forward again.

Today, Mary and I decided to go and visit Independence Square, also known as Maidan, again. It has been almost one month since our first visit, so we wanted to see how things had changed. The change was rather significant. All of the barricades and debris from the previous events at Maidan have been removed. The "Christmas Tree" has been taken down as well as the stage previously used for speeches during the protests. A series of placards depicting the protests, the fighting, and the subsequent struggle with separatists and Russia are now placed throughout the square. Other than the placards, the square bore few marks of the events of the past several months. We enjoyed listening to a Ukrainian folk choir and enjoyed the Friday night atmosphere on a stroll through downtown Kiev.

Monument to the Archangel Michael, considered a protector of Kiev.

Ukrainian folk choir performing at Independence Square (Maidan).

Mary in front of the Berehynia Monument (notice the placards scattered around the base of the monument) and James posing with the Cossack Mamay.

A street performer. This juggler stands frozen like a statue until a small donation causes him to start juggling. He is rather good.

With all of the turmoil and challenges that this nation faces, it is nice to see attempts to return to a more normal environment, at least in downtown Kiev. Mary and I enjoyed a cool autumn night but are looking forward to the beginning of next week with a good deal of anticipation (and a little impatience).

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