Friday, August 15, 2014

Nikolaev Ukraine Day Three

This evening Mary is finishing up a drawing of K and B so James is writing the post again so that the picture is ready for tomorrow.

Today we had another great visit with K and B. We arrived a little earlier this morning because we did not have any meetings. That gave us more time with K and B! As we were walking up to the building where the children are staying, B ran up to Mary and gave her a big hug but looked very sad. K was not around so we started to get worried. After we got B to calm down a little, he told us that some of the older boys at the camp had taken the soccer ball that we gave him yesterday. At about that time, K came out of their building and also gave us a big hug so our brief fears were calmed. So, now I had an opportunity to be a Dad for B. Mary and I got K and B settled down with some drawing pads, pencils, and markers that we had brought and then I went to get the ball. Enlisting the help of an instructor from K and B's boarding school/orphanage, we tracked down the soccer ball and got it back to B. So, hopefully, that scores a point for Dad.

The rest of the morning and into the afternoon. We drew pictures, did some crafts with beads, and played Uno. We also let B play Angry Birds for thirty minutes on the tablet. B also got his hands on the camera and took a few pictures.

B made Mary a bracelet and wanted a picture of it on her wrist.

B wanted a picture of us together with Mary sporting the necklace that B made for her.

This is B taking my picture.
All too soon, our time with them came to an end. We said goodbye until tomorrow and gave big hugs and Mary got kisses. I guess I'm still a little too tall. Maybe a few more lost soccer balls will get me there.
After returning to Nikolaev, we had a wonderful dinner at the "Pirog" restaurant. The food here has been great! It was also a nice chance to sit back after a very hot day out at the camp. It has been very warm and humid the last couple of days so it felt good to enjoy some cold water and good food.
When we got back to the hotel we found that Mary's suitcase had been opened and someone went through all of her clothing. Nothing was taken, thankfully. We expected that something like this would happen sometime during our journey but it still was a little surprising that it actually happened.
So, we spent the afternoon doing laundry in the tub. I enjoyed a few seconds of nostalgia from my missionary experience in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia before the it got old again. However, Mary got to experience a little of what laundry was like for me for two years.
We finished up the laundry together and then called our sons back at home. We miss them terribly and will be glad when we can bring everyone together.  We are going to try and go to the camp earlier tomorrow so we did a little shopping this evening to get ready. Looking forward to more time with K and B!

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  1. Someone suggested to me that I use a lock on my luggage. If you have one you could try that. I remember washing clothes by hand. Good times.