Monday, August 11, 2014

Kiev Ukraine Day Three: First SDA Appointment

James is continuing to take up the virtual pen for our blog updates.

This morning, after a great deal of anticipation, we had our first appointment with the SDA to review the files of children available for adoption. The appointment did not turn out as we had anticipated and went by rather quickly. Our facilitator helped in a review of many different files but none of them matched the age range that we were looking for. Unfortunately, I did not keep good track of the time and before we knew it, an hour had passed and the SDA social worker informed us that our time was up. We needed to make an immediate decision about visiting any of the children in the files that had been reviewed so far. That caught us a little of guard but our facilitator helped us to gain some extra time to make a decision. After some careful thought we decided to visit some children in Nikolaev. It is a sibling group that includes a girl, age twelve, and a boy, age eleven. We realize that these children are very close in age to two of our sons but feel at peace with our decision to visit them. We leave tomorrow on the train to go to Nikolaev and visit with these children in person. We pray that the Lord will continue to guide our footsteps and help us to know if these are the children for our family.


  1. It is a quick visit with the SDA. I pray that you will feel peace during your trip to visit these children. We were told that sometimes there are children in the orphanage that you visit that are also available for adoption that you can meet, as well. Perhaps that is a possibility for you, too? Do they speak Ukrainian or Russian in Nikolaev?

    1. We were told that they most likely speak Russian. We were also told that they are "good kids". I'm excited to meet them!

  2. Hang in there. Good luck on your trip to Nikolaev.

  3. Keeping you guys in prayer. Love reading the updates.

  4. Thanks Rebekah! We really appreciate the prayers!