Saturday, May 3, 2014

We received approval from Immigration!

I am excited to say that we received our I-171H approval from Immigration today! It has been a stressful few weeks for us since I posted last. I thought we were on the fast track for getting this document, but shortly after I posted we received a letter from Immigration stating that we needed to provide "Proof of Evidence" for two areas that our Home Study did not cover. I swear our Home Study has been a challenge! It seems that our Home Study Social Worker left out two sections required by Immigration and our Case Worker at our Adoption Agency did not catch this. If you remember this is our third Case Worker with this Adoption Agency and the change happened right as our Home Study was completed. Seems that our Home Study fell through the cracks. Both our Home Study Social Worker and our Case Worker at our Adoption Agency were very apologetic and provided the needed revisions for our Home Study rather quickly, but it still took me writing exactly what I wanted it to say because the revisions were not as clear as I wanted them. While this was happening we had a scare with a work assignment for my husband that would have crushed our adoption plans for this year. After a little over a week of worrying we were able to resolve that issue. We were able to get our fingerprints taken at Immigration and send of our new revised Home Study back to Immigration about a week ago. I've been stalking the poor mail carrier this past week and our approval finally arrived today! When we opened it I just started crying! I was so glad that it had finally came and that all of our problems have been resolved! Unfortunately, our Home Study needs an addendum because it was officially approved over 3 months ago and Ukraine likes all of the documents under 8 weeks old. After that, all we need is James's Employment letter and then notarize and appostille everything. Our Dossier should go out in the next week if all goes well!

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  1. That is so exciting! We are all thinking of you guys over here and hoping things go smoothly and quickly so you can get your girls soon!