Thursday, March 27, 2014

We have been invited by Immigration to have our biometrics taken!

We heard back from Immigration yesterday. We received our appointment date for fingerprints! Our I-600A, Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition was received by the Department of Homeland Security on March 18, 2014 and our appointment date notification for fingerprints was dated on March 21, 2014. It only took 4 days for them to do this! We were told it could take up to 8 weeks! I am thrilled! Our appointment date is mid-April (I'll post actual dates after the appointment happens). This means we can submit our dossier to Ukraine as early as late April. Travel to Ukraine can happen as quick as 2 weeks from when we submit our dossier. I think it has finally hit me that we will meet our girls soon! Huge array of emotions right now! I feel we are as prepared as we can be at this point. The kids and I have learned 49 words and phrases in Russian, even our 4 year old. Thankfully, my husband speaks, reads, and writes fluent Russian and will be traveling with me, but we thought it might be helpful for the family to learn a bit before the girls get here. I'm working on several games that include pictures of people, our home, and community that will hopefully help the girls in their transition to our home and family. I can't do much more until I meet the girls in person. To make that happen we only have three documents left to prepare: both final Medical Exams, already scheduled, and an Employment Letter (they are very time sensitive so we had to wait. I got the go ahead from our agency to do these mid-April), and then we can notarize everything and get them apostilled. Pre-Adoption process here in the United States is almost done, then a whole new Ukraine Pre-Adoption process will begin. So excited!

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