Monday, October 28, 2013

First Appointment with Social Worker for Home Study

We had our first appointment with our home study social worker last Thursday. It was two hours of paper work, paper work, and instructions for more paper work. Right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed with our to do list, but I'm so glad that I married someone that keeps amazing records, a budget, and daily schedules because we will need copies of all of those things! Our work will be so much easier because he is so organized! I spent the morning arranging a sitter for our youngest so we can attend educational training, scheduling physicals for all of us (including our three dogs), and attempting to write an autobiography that I need to have completed before my next appointment with our social worker. Thankfully the autobiography has 13 specific questions that I need to answer about my past, my parents and siblings, how I was raised, disciplined, and my relationship with my spouse. I think I might need therapy after writing this...ha ha! On my to do list for the rest of today I need to contact all of the states I have lived in in the last five years to get a copy of my driving record and a clearance from child protective services stating that I am not on their registry for child abuse, etc. That includes Virginia, Alabama, Texas and South Dakota! Gotta love being a military family that moves around a lot! That will put a small dent in our over all to do list. I know this is doable and well worth it! (At least that is what I keep repeating in my mind as I scan my list).

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